Short Snack #9 - TdY, Day In The Life

I've been doing some work with WNT Pro Cycling through the start of this year including shooting their winter training camp & launch event. Most recently I spent a day following team through the Women's Tour De Yorkshire, creating a pretty abnormal video for what I normally do...

It's always great to flex my creativity a little & mix things up really spending some time making some more in-depth...but weirdly I missed out a lot of my favourite shots which I couldn't make fit the pace and style of a "Day In The Life" kinda recap. I'm used to the fast, slow mo & showy sizzles, and it's nice to have an outlet to make those as well!

What's your favourite video to make & what more would you like to see from these videos?

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All images taken either on a Sony A7sII with 20mm, 85mm or 24-70mm and Phantom 4

Short Snack #8 - Can't Win Them All

For the last few months I've been working with Bristol Ladies Rugby collaborating on some video content including creating a few visual recaps from games I was at. After finishing the league in first place and getting through a strong semi final, the Ladies found themselves in the final of the Women's Premiership for 2016/17. The final year of the tournements itteration. I was there capturing the day for a variety of content opportunities - including some celebrations if they won. Sadly, they did not.

This was an interesting project. It's always easier to create social content when you win. Obviously. And this mixed with the organising body telling me that I wasn't allowed to film any on field action (although I pushed that with a few shots here or there) made selections & story point transitions tough. We also had no response to our request for game footage in the days after the event.

This video isn't what I wanted it to be both for the Ladies on the field and me in the edit...but you learn more from shooting projects like this than those where access is freely given. When you're constrained. The shooting is tough, when the game takes a turn, the edit has sections missing and a less than desirable result from what you had been shooting pre-event.

The video I had planned now won't exist - or well. Let's see where Bristol Ladies are this time next year 🏉

How have you dealt with a project not quite unfolding how you expected, or with restricted footage?

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All images taken either on a Sony A7sII with 20mm or 85mm and Phantom 4

Short Snack #7 - Weekend Walks and Waterfalls

It's been a long few weeks. Lots of travel, lots of work. So when my girlfriend said her and a friend were planning on going back to her parents house to essentially do nothing for a few days - I thought I'd tag along. Get some editing done. Watch some movies. Maybe have a beer or two.

My girlfriend's family lives in the middle of a small town in Wales. It's called Llanidloes - right by the start of the Severn River. It's pretty much the opposite to where I grew up just touching the outta edge of Central London...and it's beautiful. I enjoy going just for the walks sometimes. So - with a new piece of gear I'm still learning and testing out + my trusty Phantom 4 I made this... Enjoy!


Where do you go to recharge and relax? 

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All images taken either on a Sony A7sII with 20mm and Phantom 4

Don't Always Listen To Your Elders - S/O Digital Gaggle & Steve Bartlett

Last week a video popped into my Twitter feed. It was a Periscope of a live Digital Gaggle conference. I'd crushed through a load of editing & thought "why not?". I was due a quick refresh, always want to go to more of these things...

I caught the end of a pretty so-so talk, was about to quit out when the host announced that a 24-year-old digital entrepreneur was about to talk to stage...intrigued I kept listening, and boy am I glad I did.

The speaker was someone I'd never heard of. Steve Bartlett. CEO and Founder of Social Chain who probably might be best (if not directly) known for the Rex Secco affair...

He said a lot of great and interesting things through his talk (hunt it, or any of his others down if you can), but the biggest nugget of truth came from the VLOG he released this morning post-event.

"Seek advice from people that have arrived at the destination, not necessarily people around you, or that might have come from a slightly different time."


So simple. Yet so obvious.

Steve Bartlett referenced parents before dropping this quote. True, and I still see this from my friends today - a slight over reliance on asking for job advice from your elders...despite them maybe not even really understanding what it is you really do.

But with this he hit on something that's been niggling away at me from other conferences I've been to...& once the inevitable "how did you get where you are question" is asked to someone who got their break 5+ years ago...

That advice is almost never going to be useful to you.

The people you need to be asking that to are the people who have freshly stepped into a role you'd have wanted. Badger them for what they think was the reason they got the job you covert. Not the people giving big talks at big conferences. Those people grew into their role in an industry that moves so fast it's barely recognisable today.

I'm big into asking people their job routes. Digital or not. Almost anyone to be honest. I'm curious with how people shift roles, the motivations, & what hindsight they have a few years of course I feel theres insight to be gained from asking - but take it all with a pinch of salt. Never be afraid to ask your parents for help, I use mine for grammar shamelessly, but reject what they say if you don't think it fits with the current state of the world around you.

That's not to say these people aren't useful to talk to...this whole blog is based around the words of such a person who got their break when Facebook pages were on the rise and social influencers and micro-influences didn't charge the thousands plus they charge today. Steve Bartlett found his niche when the coals were hot, and trying to follow Steve's route into the industry letter by letter probably isn't going to work today.

But, maybe change the question you ask...still ask the route, but ask what's changed? What are you looking for in future employees? What do you think the next big thing to invest my time into learning or doing is?

Here's the full VLOG if you're interested. At 20 minutes, it's a little on the long side...but it's quite interesting at points even if you have to dive and jump through it a little 👇


A quick bonus fun fact - in case you don't quite get just how fast the digital space moves with some history for context;

It took about 75 years for the telephone to connect 50 million users. The radio hit this goal in 38. It wasn’t until 13 years till 50 million people were sitting in front of their television screens in their homes. The Internet reached this milestone in four years, Facebook in two. It took the iPhone three months to get into 50 million pockets. Angry Birds Space 35 days. And Pokemon Go? Two get to 100 million users...

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Short Snack #6 - Gladiators Make History 🏈

At University I got the option to try a sport I'd watched for years but never *really* had a chance to play properly.

Over the course of three years we won the clubs first ever game & qualified for the clubs first ever playoffs. Sadly we lost that game...not bad though for an undersized university, playing in the toughest conference in the UK & in the clubs third full season! 

As great as University was, in my first & third years especially, the Gladiators were the most important thing to me that I did. Great people, phenomenal coaches, playing hard each & every Sunday and socialising each Wednesday. 

So, when the newest crops of Glads had a chance to do something we couldn't - and make some University of Gloucestershire football history I had to go along & try and capture it...

The game kicked off at around 1.30pm Sunday. It's now Monday at 12.26pm while I write this (published at 12.40pm!).

Not a bad turn around for a 3 minute recap shot & edited by one person! 

I've been trying these visual recaps for a while - trying to hit on a few things, and while this is rough it's getting me closer and closer to where I'm happy with them. This one I wanted more than anything to try and get a sense for what it's like in the build up, on the field and then capture those emotions of a win.

Fingers crossed they make the final so I can add to everything I've learned from this one (& so they can win that ring of course...).

As well as the video, I did a very small amount of photography as well 👇

What did you think of the effort? What would you have liked to see - or what parts didn't work for you? Let me know! 👇




All images taken either on a Sony A7sII with 85mm or Canon 70-200mm.